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You’re a fan?!

July 20, 2005

I just stumbled across a post on the JPOP Suki forums about how Morning Musume is regarded in Japan as one huge joke and people will think you’re stupid for liking them. People were going on to post afterwards that if they went to Japan, they would pretend they didn’t like MM so people would not make fun of them…..


Okay, I love Morning Musume. Yes I realize they are a manufactured sugar girls pop singing group, but who cares? Their music is a ton of fun and well, I’m always up for fun.

What I don’t understand is people fearing they might not be liked because of their fandom. Who cares?! Seriously. It all comes down to if you care or not what people think about you. I think Mike Nesmith said it best when he said (at the Monkees audition) that whatever the interviewer thought of him was what he was going to think of him. There was nothing he could do to change the interviewers’ perception, so he wasn’t going to try. People will think of you what they will, so why deny yourself what makes you happy just to “appear cool”?

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