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It is a dream I have….

October 11, 2006

$50 if you know where that quote above comes from. Not really as I don’t have $50 to give you, but take a guess anyway. Kitty knows it, I bet.

I had a weird ass dream last night. Lots of dreams actually. The first few were nightmares. I woke up and shook then off them went back to sleep and dreamt I was back in high school, but it wasn’t my highschool, and Konno & Koharu from Morning Musume were my classmates.

We were pretty good friends, we sat next to each other in class. I sat behind Koharu, Konno sat to her right. After school we had a job at an ice cream/dessert parlor. There was a drive through that I operated, that worked like a bank drive through tube. You put the dessert in a closed container and a vacuum sucked it through the tubes and deposited the dessert outside for the waiting customer to grab, except I didn’t put the cover on some pudding tight enough and chocolate pudding exploded everywhere. That was my dream,  but I was highly amused by it.