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Bokura ga ikiru MY ASIA single covers revealed!

December 30, 2006

From Hello! Project’s official site the covers of the 10th Anniversary singles are revealed!

This special edition CD features 5 girls of Momusu present and past, as an homage to the original Momusu group. Iida Kaori, Abe Natsumi, Maki Goto, Niigaki Riisa and Koharu Kusumi are all taking part in this one time unit release.

This single is the first step in Tsunku’s plan to make Momusu an Asian phenomenon and not just a Japanese one. (As he stated on Mitsui Aika’s membership announcement special.)

You can special order Bokura ga ikiru MY ASIA from CDJapan here. Link goes to regular edition. There are two special editions being produced, one that comes with a DVD, presumably of the promotional video, the other with a photo booklet.


Yeah…sort of. I guess it evens out.

December 19, 2006

Well I had string after string of bad luck today. I had insomnia last night and was wide awake well after 5am… compounded by a sudden popping noise in my ear. I’ve had a sound in my ear all day that sounds EXACTLY like the sound rice krispies makes. So I have another appointment tomorrow in which I will yell at the doctor because his virus was OBVIOUSLY an ear infection like I said.

Work today was hell, I got a papercut on my tongue licking envelopes today, then came home and super-glued the super glue tube to my thumb.

But I guess things are also all right because look what came in the mail for me today!

My Entenmann’s holiday cupcakes (YUMMM!) Which were a bit smashed in transit, but well worth it… as well as Morning Musume’s new mini album I pre-ordered! The special edition version. Yeah! It came with a DVD of two clips from their fall concert performances. One for their latest single Aruiteru, the other clip being of that single’s B-side Morning Curry. The songs themselves are all incredibly poppy and cute. A couple members get solo performances, which is nice. Even though Hitomi isn’t one of them.


December 10, 2006

YES! The 8th Generation audition/competition for the new Morning Musume member is over and Mitsui Aika won!

I’ve been rooting for her ever since they showed a clip of her going in for the audition on Hello Morning. She seemed so sweet and sincere, and she has a very nice and natural singing voice. I’m so glad she won!

I’m surprised there she was the only winner as several of the six finalists were very talented. I’m looking forward to the new 9 member Musume! Congratulations Aika!

And a total raspberry to all the jerkwads on the Hello! Project forums who were picking on her because she has braces.

Momusu post

December 2, 2006

Besides the mini-album coming out that I have already pre-ordered, there’s 2 new singles scheduled for release already after the new year turns.

Sometime in January there is a 10th anniversary of Morning Musume single scheduled to come out, apparently it’ll be a reunion of old members with current (and possibly new?) members. Rumors are flying that Kago Ai will be returning to H!P for this. Let’s hope so! Her suspension for smoking has gone on long enough and is hurting not only her career but poor Tsuji’s as well.

A second single is scheduled for release on Valentine’s Day, which will logically be the CD debut of the new member(s). I’m assuming that because of the date it will be a love ballad.

And finally from last week’s episode of Hello! Morning! A cook-off was the theme of the show, featuring Tsuji, Hitomi, Sayumi and some comedian guy.  Before they cooked anything they went out to the market to get ingredients. Check out this shopkeeper shamelessly taking phone cam photos of Tsuji. And yes she is wearing a crab on her head.