Yeah…sort of. I guess it evens out.

Well I had string after string of bad luck today. I had insomnia last night and was wide awake well after 5am… compounded by a sudden popping noise in my ear. I’ve had a sound in my ear all day that sounds EXACTLY like the sound rice krispies makes. So I have another appointment tomorrow in which I will yell at the doctor because his virus was OBVIOUSLY an ear infection like I said.

Work today was hell, I got a papercut on my tongue licking envelopes today, then came home and super-glued the super glue tube to my thumb.

But I guess things are also all right because look what came in the mail for me today!

My Entenmann’s holiday cupcakes (YUMMM!) Which were a bit smashed in transit, but well worth it… as well as Morning Musume’s new mini album I pre-ordered! The special edition version. Yeah! It came with a DVD of two clips from their fall concert performances. One for their latest single Aruiteru, the other clip being of that single’s B-side Morning Curry. The songs themselves are all incredibly poppy and cute. A couple members get solo performances, which is nice. Even though Hitomi isn’t one of them.


One Response to “Yeah…sort of. I guess it evens out.”

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