Making out like a bandit

I’ve been away, then came back home and had computer troubles, but I just HAD to tell you about my new favorite store in NYC. Book Off. I had heard about this chain in Japan, and was excited to find out they had a store in New York City, a short walk off Broadway. As I was visiting my parents in the area, I couldn’t help but request a stop.

This store is fantastic. I expected to walk out with a bunch of photobooks, as they are a used and new bookstore, but what I walked out with instead was a BOATLOAD of CDs. Which will be added to the collection shortly. I cleaned them out of Hello! Project material though. Used CDs were $3 – $7, and in immaculate condition! You’d think they’d never been played.

Kiiro.Aoiro.Akagumi Singles PVs
Morning Musume – Roman My Dear Boy Single PV
Morning Musume – Musical – Edokko Chuushingura

Tanpopo – All of Tanpopo
Pucchi Moni – Zenbu
Maki Goto – Premium Best – First Press w/bonuses

Musume Monogatari 2
Musume Monogatari 3

I did pick up a lot of non-H!P related stuff as well, my absolute favorites being the limited edition Buck-Tick Devil and Freud boxset. (Holy crap!) and Yuki’s album Wave, which is just a fantastic album.

We were planning on hitting a couple other major Japanese bookstores in the area, but it was bordering on 20 degrees outside and we were frozen solid after walking almost 2 miles to get to the store in the first place. If you’re in NYC this store is a must stop shopping destination!


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