The problem with being a foreign fan

There are many, but one that concerns me the most at the moment, showing support for the return of Kago Ai.

Being a foreign fan, you really have NO VOICE when it comes to showing support. More often than not you can’t attend concerts or special events, can’t watch TV shows as they air, which is important to measure ratings, and can’t shop at any of the H!P stores with any regularity. You can show support by buying merchandise online, but it’s really just a drop in the bucket if you think about it. We represent a very marginal section of the fan community.

Another problem with being a foreign fan is having different view points regarding idol behavior. Being an American, and a girl besides, I don’t see the girls as untouchable, infallible virgins. Aibon getting caught smoking shattered no preconceived fantasy notions of mine regarding her virtues. I frowned on her behavior, in the sense that it’s not healthy especially if you are a singer! but also because as an idol she is a role model to children. Still, none of this would have prevented me from buying W’s 3rd album, which was slated for release so soon after the scandal broke.

In the end all we can do is hope for her return in the very near future.


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