I got tired of blogger constantly eating my posts, something that had caused me to slack off in blogging lately. After all, why post if it’s going to disappear the moment I hit publish?

So I moved my butt over to wordpress. Which is where you are now or you wouldn’t be reading this. It’s quite nice to have everything working! As such the other sections on hello!girl are now gone, but I probably would have only updated them once in a blue moon anyhow.

I am also going through my old lj posts and moving any H!P or Momusu posts here.


2 Responses to “Moved!”

  1. Totally Hello! Project Says:

    WordPress is a pretty reliable blogging service, hope to read more great posts from you soon.

  2. paul.thomas Says:

    Loving the new look of the site, I’m glad to see it’s all working. Looking forward to your posts!

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