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June 30, 2007

I discovered AKB48 a little late in the game compared to everyone else. At the time they debuted I was foaming at the mouth for H!P and had no desire to listen to their competition. After the departure of Konkon, Makoto and Yossie though my Momusu fever has cooled off a little bit (hopefully to be revived with their next single) and I decided to take a peek at this 48 girl group. Needless to say I was pretty blown away by what I heard and saw. Tight, really fun songs with great beats and really good vocals! After viewing their PVs I’ve become a fan of AKB48, especially after viewing Seifuku ga Jama o suru which totally blew me out of the water with it’s blatant sexuality, not to mention it’s really rockin melody and vocals. I don’t know about their sales figures but if they keep up this kind of quality they really are going to become strong competition for H!P, and that’s a good thing.


But the actual purpose of this post was to review AKB48’s latest single, BINGO! The song itself is a nice little summertime love pop number. The vocals are very gentle, light and upbeat. The harmonizing is something I really miss in H!P releases. There’s just something about the song as a whole that really makes you feel relaxed and happy as you listen to it. There is some really nice guitar work on this number that switched back and forth from an electric rock sound to a gentle acoustic sound.


The PV itself has some sort of story element to it wherein the girls are stowaways/captives on a boat escaping some sort of military-esque confinement and questioning. They jump off the boat and swim to shore of an island where they run around in a Fort of some sort, then wave excitedly at something on the horizon we are not shown. Honestly I’m not really sure what is going on there but it gives the whole thing a storyline element linked together between the shots of the girls dancing in a hanger or on the beach.


I really like their dresses in the dance shots. The white dresses are nice but the colored dresses give the shots a nice boost of color and is pleasing to the eye. My favorite shots though are the ones of the girls on the beach at what appears to be dusk. Very serene, and it contrasts quite nicely with the intersped storyline shots of them walking across the sand in the sweltering sun.

BINGO goes on sale July 18 and is available for pre-order at CD Japan and Yes Asia.


Buck-Tick – Rendevous

June 24, 2007

Other than H!P my other JRock love is Buck-Tick. I love them to death, my heart totally belongs to Atsushi. He has one of the most original and sexy voices in JRock. After an almost 2 year hiatus (save the 1 single released last year that tied into the xxxHOLiC anime) it looks like Buck-Tick is gearing up to drop another album on us and you can bet your ass I’ll have it pre-ordered way in advance.

The following PV is for their latest single, Rendevous, released earlier this month (June 6). What a kick ass song! It’s an upbeat rocker which is a nice switch as their last single Kagerou and their last album (the kick ass) 13kai wa Gekkou were firmely ensconced on the darker side of rock.

Gyaruru – Boom Boom Meccha Maccho!

June 20, 2007

I hadn’t actually seen this available any where else, so here it is! The PV for Gyaruru’s Boom Boom Meccha Maccho!

As expected it mainly focuses on the para para dance associated with the song. It’s a fun little dance number though and I’d love to get the single. Anyone know who is carrying it?

The Return of Konkon!

June 18, 2007

I had to take my sister to the ER this afternoon as she was very ill. She’s doing fine now, but I was quite worried all afternoon. Other than hearing that my sister was Okay, this little bit of news has brightened my day 1000 fold.

Full news article at Hello!Online.

The title of the single will be Narihajimeta Koi no Bell and will also feature another of my favorite H!P members, Yoshizawa Hitomi! Rock on! I am so excited for the return of gentle Konkon to the H!P line up of singers. Let’s hope this single isn’t a one time only deal.

Chocolove – WTF?!

June 16, 2007

About 5 minutes ago I sat down to watch some of my backlogged PVs. First one to pop up on my player was Chocolove – Ashita wa Ashita no Kimi ga Umareru. Love the song, but the PV is WTF! This is my first venture into AKB48 territory so I wasn’t quite sure what I was in for, this was definitely not what I was expecting.

First off, the song is really good. I like it a lot. The girls all have very pleasant voices and they harmonize well. This is definitely a song I can see myself buying the single for (and may well do so once some $$ starts rolling in again).

And don’t get me wrong, the PV is totally amusing in a What the Hell am I watching sort of way. I don’t usually expect to see Idols get mowed down ala the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre and then revive because they apparently bleed chocolate.

Guess who got a new old H!P album?

June 12, 2007

Me that’s who! And how old is it? T&C Bomber’s 2000 (and last release) 2nd Stage.

I’d post pictures but I don’t have a digital camera that works at the moment, so here’s a picture of the cover from the Up Front Works website.

This is one fantastic album, and one that makes me wish the group were still around. They all possess quite the vocal talents that were so prominent in H!P back in the day. Not to say that H!P doesn’t possess some extraordinary vocal talents now, but the singers at their beginning were all that much more mature physically and vocally, and it’s something I miss in the current line up.

2nd stage doesn’t quite compare to their first album, Taiyo & Ciscomoon 1 (when they were still known by that name). Still, if you’re an H!P fan you owe these girls a listen, even if they’ve been disbanded since 2000. Their sounds is somewhat R&B & Pop, but at the same time many songs are extremely relaxing and I think that has a lot to do with the vocals.

CDJapan is sold out, and I couldn’t find a listing on YesAsia. I found mine via Ebay, which is where I suggest looking.

The power of music

June 5, 2007

Work for me has been one hellacious migraine inducing day after the other for the past month. I have been so stressed out it’s making me physically ill, however I am of the mindset that I don’t want to quit just because things have suddenly gotten extremely overwhelmingly hard. At times like these it is a blessing when you suddenly discover a new song that suddenly makes things seem all right, that song for me once before was Morning Musume’s I Wish. At this moment in my life, it is Melon Kinenbi’s Saa! Koibito ni Narou.

I can’t tell you how much of a godsend this song has been to me as of late. I listen to it constantly, it’s a breath of fresh air when I’m ready to throw in the towel and run screaming into the night. The beat, the lyrics, and especially the PV are extremely motivational for me at the moment, and that in itself is like therapy. The bright yellow color scheme and the blue sky motif… I want to be there too!

Trifecta now complete

June 1, 2007

They say bad things happen in 3s, so the trifecta may now be complete with the resignation of current Morning Musume leader, Miki Fujimoto. (Actually ex-leader as she’s already resigned as of this post).

Am I surprised? Not at all. I can’t really say I wasn’t a fan of Mikitty’s, but I didn’t really notice her that much either. I thought she had a fantastic voice and was pretty, but my attention was always elsewhere and I was never convinced that her image fit well into Morning Musume. An opinion made all the more concrete in my mind once GAM hit the scene.

I feel bad for the rest of the girls in Momusu, but also particularly for Junjun and Linlin who haven’t really debuted on a single yet and already their new agency has been rocked with 3 major scandals in nearly as many months.

I’m actually more excited for Momusu now that Ai-chan is in charge with Risa as sub-leader. I hope things calm down over there on the H!P homefront.