I discovered AKB48 a little late in the game compared to everyone else. At the time they debuted I was foaming at the mouth for H!P and had no desire to listen to their competition. After the departure of Konkon, Makoto and Yossie though my Momusu fever has cooled off a little bit (hopefully to be revived with their next single) and I decided to take a peek at this 48 girl group. Needless to say I was pretty blown away by what I heard and saw. Tight, really fun songs with great beats and really good vocals! After viewing their PVs I’ve become a fan of AKB48, especially after viewing Seifuku ga Jama o suru which totally blew me out of the water with it’s blatant sexuality, not to mention it’s really rockin melody and vocals. I don’t know about their sales figures but if they keep up this kind of quality they really are going to become strong competition for H!P, and that’s a good thing.


But the actual purpose of this post was to review AKB48’s latest single, BINGO! The song itself is a nice little summertime love pop number. The vocals are very gentle, light and upbeat. The harmonizing is something I really miss in H!P releases. There’s just something about the song as a whole that really makes you feel relaxed and happy as you listen to it. There is some really nice guitar work on this number that switched back and forth from an electric rock sound to a gentle acoustic sound.


The PV itself has some sort of story element to it wherein the girls are stowaways/captives on a boat escaping some sort of military-esque confinement and questioning. They jump off the boat and swim to shore of an island where they run around in a Fort of some sort, then wave excitedly at something on the horizon we are not shown. Honestly I’m not really sure what is going on there but it gives the whole thing a storyline element linked together between the shots of the girls dancing in a hanger or on the beach.


I really like their dresses in the dance shots. The white dresses are nice but the colored dresses give the shots a nice boost of color and is pleasing to the eye. My favorite shots though are the ones of the girls on the beach at what appears to be dusk. Very serene, and it contrasts quite nicely with the intersped storyline shots of them walking across the sand in the sweltering sun.

BINGO goes on sale July 18 and is available for pre-order at CD Japan and Yes Asia.


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