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An honest look

September 4, 2007

Where the hell have I been all month? Work, for one, family events for the other. Life takes precedent sometimes, but here I am again. And with a preview of the new Momusu calendar to boot! Honestly for a while I questioned whether or not I would purchase the 2008 calendar or not as I’ve kind of fallen out of my Momusu fervor since Hitomi and Makoto left. I wondered why this was. There were still girls in the group I liked, Momusu is still churning out fantastic songs… and then the realization hit me. I didn’t really know any of the girls anymore. Most of my exposure to Momusu not in PVs or stage was television shows like Utaban, Hello!Morning, Fun! and the like. The shows I viewed were when most of the original stellar line up remained; Kei, Maki, Yuko, Mari, Kaori… My first favorite Momusu girl was in fact “Scary” leader Yuko Nakazawa! (I still love you Yuko!) I don’t know if there’s any correlation here between the old line up leaving and the new line up appearing less and less on variety shows, but it factors somehow.

Since Hitomi left I found myself watching Haromoni@ less and less until it became not at all. I haven’t sat down with Momusu on Sunday morning in a long time and there in lies the problem. I’ve lost contact with the group. I don’t know who the girls are anymore. Technically I still do, I know their names and their faces… but without watching them like an addict (like I used to) my fandom slowly crept away until I was left with not an over excited thrill at seeing the girls perform, but just a clinging loyalty to their name. I’m not sure if I can describe it correctly, it’s like it’s my duty to continue to support them because I love what they once were and nothing more. I still love Momusu, but they’ve become somehow alien to me lately. How do you keep your enthusiasm going for something or someone you know so little about?

So from here on out I am going to try my damnedest to reconnect. I can’t love the new gens like I loved the old gens until I get to know them on equal terms. And I should get to know them on equal terms, it’d be a shame not to. And yes, I am going to purchase that calendar.

But I haven’t been totally deprived of the Jpop world during my hiatus from Momusu, and there’s a couple of new albums on the horizon I’m really keen to get my hands on.

It’s already been released as of August 29, but Utada Hikaru’s Beautiful World is definitely on my list of “must gets”. I was completely blown away by every track on it, even the remix of Fly me to the Moon. Kiss & Cry was the first song I fell in love with, then I heard Beautiful World and now I cannot decide which song is better. Both are amazing.

Buck-Tick’s Tenshi no Revolver is the next item on my list to get, set to be released on September 19. Featuring their latest singles Rendezvous and Alice in Wonder Underground. I’m really excited to get my hands on this, not only because I am a HUGE Buck-Tick fan, but it will be their first non-theme and non-compilation album I will own. Conveniently enough (or not for my wallet) remastered editions of their previous albums are all being released on September 5th.

Yuki’s Five Star is last but not least, a greatest hits album I gather, also featuring her latest internet only single, Biscuit. I became a huge fan of Yuki after purchasing her Wave album which blew me across the lake and out of the water. (Try giving Hadako no Taiyo, Birthday or You’ve got a Friend a spin and you’ll fall in love with that album at once I guarantee it). Five Star is set to be released on October 3.

So that’s where I’m at at the moment. I’m planning on purchasing a bunch of photo books when the oppurtunity arises, probably Koharu’s and a couple concert photo albums as well. We’ll see what comes off the presses.