Nakazawa Yuko – Danna-sama new single!

Poor, poor Yuko-san. The poor girl wants nothing in the world than to get married and Tsunku sticks her with a song that’s about a housewife singing praise for her husband. Ganbatte Danna-sama, I’m so glad we got married! Yikes.

The song is gentle, but I am really sorry to say, a snooze fest. This is coming from a woman who used to be a fan of punk music. For Chrissakes Nanase her up a bit! Age does not mean you have to stop kicking ass. Look at the Rolling Stones for God’s sake!

The video mostly intersperses video clips of Yuko swaying in front of a curtain and lip syncing with still shots of her performing house wifely duties while anxiously watching the clock for her husband to come home.

She’s very cute in the video, but the image just clashes to holy hell with the image of the “Yankee” Yuko we used to know and love. Granted her singles weren’t ever rock fests, but they had a lot more oomph to them than this. I really, really, really wanted to like this too.


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