A difficult choice!

As reported by International Wota, Apple iTunes has Morning Musume’s 10 Anniversary Complete singles boxset for purchase. This is, well HUGE! There’s apparently enough interest in Momusu or Jpop in the US that they’ve not only noticed it but made this set available here, in the States. I have no idea how this works, who came up with the idea or how it came to be but it has me pretty damn excited!

The problem is…. should I purchase it? I SO want to be able to have the oppurtunity to climb up somewhere high and wave that Momusu flag proudly as a foreign fan, to support them by buying a release released IN my home country. However I’ve already planned to buy the limited edition boxset off CDJapan, what with it’s Morning Coffee cover art and extras. (I love that cover so much! I hope there’s a poster of it available).

What the hell should I do? Technically I don’t really need to buy it at all as I already own every song on it (save the new track Hello to You) and to have 2 copies is just…. it’s only $20 on iTunes, but if I buy the boxset from Japan that’s another $40 – $60 right there (including shipping) do I really need to spend upwards of $80 on songs I already own?’

Odds are as soon as I finish this post I’ll purchase the damn thing off iTunes, but still. The conflict with my wallet is strong.


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