Momusu cards Update!

Just a heads up to let everyone who won a set know that I put everything together tonight and they should be in the mail tomorrow. Everyone got a little something extra, be it a foil card, a sticker, a group picture, or even an official photo card from H!P!

I was surprised at how far Momusu fandom stretches! Truly all over the world! Letters are going out tomorrow across the US, to Canada and the U.K. …. but also to Finland and New Zealand! Wow! But I’m glad to be spreading the Momusu love.

For those who missed out this time around never fear. I’m working on getting some more boxes (want to have the complete set you know!) and there will very well likely be a chance you can get some of your own in the future!

In other news I got a package from CDJapan this afternoon. Momusu’s complete PV DVD set, W’s one and only PV compilation DVD, Koharu’s latest solo album, Ongaku Gatas latest single w/DVD, and AKB48’s new best of album included! Oh, and the Mikan regular edition single. I got Sayumi’s card. Sorry for the shitty scan, I think my scanner is dying on me.


9 Responses to “Momusu cards Update!”

  1. ryoutarou Says:

    Awesome. Thanks again for doing this, I can’t wait to see the cards. :D You got quite the package, too. I also got Sayu’s card with my Mikan and I love it, hehe. :D

  2. ryoutarou Says:

    Ah, I forgot to say that I’ve added you to my blogroll if that’s fine with you. :)

  3. International Wota » Blog Archive » [Blogs] hello!girl has the latest regarding her Momusu cards giveaway Says:

    […] Momusu cards Update! […]

  4. cfb Says:

    Once again, thanks so much! I’ll be waiting for them. : )

  5. Air Says:

    Mms, thanks, it’s hard finding them on ebay, but I did manage to get some myself… I kept debating if I should get it or not, but I convinced myself to get them at the end.

    There are a lot of people that are fans… I found one at my University campus… and she lives in the dorm across from mine and my roommate’s the one who actually got me into Morning Musume. (And what’s funny is that she came from the same city I’m from. O.o)

    Sweet, you got the Sayumi card. I wanted Eri, Sayumi or Aika, but I got JunJun. =/ Oh well, I’ll live. xD JunJun now sits with my cards and photos collection. (Along with the cards that came with the Bokura ga Ikuru My Asia and a C-ute card that I did not expect to come when I ordered their first album.. O.o)

  6. wu-san Says:

    Thanks again.

    The MM complete PV DVD set is something to put on my wishlist. Hope you’re getting a lot of fun from it :P

  7. Andra Says:

    I bought some of these cards too (propably from the same place as you) and now I’m facing a difficult problem – I got all the normal cards with my two boxes and as for special cards I’m only missing no. 174, 176, 177 (the glossy ones) and 189, 190 and 191 (the foil ones). As you see, the Two Top has something against me, I haven’t got any of their special cards!

    So I’m only missing 6 cards of the total 98, and even though they’re all special cards I’m missing I’m not sure if I want to buy two whole boxes again just to get the six missing cards. Oh, why do they have to plan these collections in a way that it’s impossible to get all cards without having so many extras! Oh, I know, they’re supposed to be TRADING cards. :) I’ve already got almost all the normal cards as double! But because you’re so generous with your extra cards you are inspiring me to do the same with mine – give them away. I might do that – unless you have some of those cards I’m missing (after you’ve got your next two boxes of course) and you’d like to trade? Unfortunately I don’t have any double special cards so propably it’s not possible… But anyway best wishes for you, I hope that you get a complete collection!

    Maybe I shoud just buy two new boxes as well… I’ll have the pleasure of giving even though I’ll have to pay so much for only six cards (if I would even get all the ones I’m missing). :)

  8. Ham-Cham Says:

    Cool!!~~ I got Kusumi in mine (Mikan) . :3 I wanted Eririn, Takitty, JunJun or Niigaki (or maybe Aikacchi), but I’m happy with mine. ~~ ^_^
    Kussun’s bright yellow shirt is so…bright!! XD

  9. hellogirl Says:

    Ah you are so lucky! I wish I had gotten Kusumi :D

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