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Several nights ago I had another H!P dream. It took place in feudal Japan and starred Takahashi Ai and Sean Bean ♥♥♥♥ Anyway all I remember is that Ai-chan lived in a house at the top of a really tall hill and there was a flight of wooden steps inlaid into the hillside. Sean Bean lived at the bottom of the hill and was like her bodyguard or something. Everyone was wearing traditional Japanese clothing too. Not really kimono, but the everyday man’s dress of the period. Pretty cool dream, kind of Blade of the Immortal-ish. But that’s not the reason for this post.

First bit of news! Morning Musume’s upcoming single title has been released, Resonant Blue. It doesn’t really strike me as a title for an energetic song. Blue is known to be a calming color, and for it to resonate calmness, my thoughts tend to stray towads the ballad category. Though really, title sometimes has nothing to do with the song itself, and Nanase Aikawa’s Midnight Blue is anything but calm.

The PV for C-ute’s Lalala Shiawase no Uta has been released. The song is really cute and energetic, the beat is great, a very happy song and something I’ll definitely listen to when I need cheering up. I like it! (Hey Mikey!) The costumes are cute, though I think they could do without the second layer of feathers. The lining at the top is enough, and what is with the putting on make up theme in the videos? I’m having flashbacks to Pretty Guardian Sailormoon and Luna always applying make-up when she wasn’t eating.

Buono’s latest PV, Renai Rider, is out, has been for a while. I’ve just been out of the loop for a bit. The song is really awesome, as has been commented on before by many others. The girls are all in top form, especially Momoko, who I have problems with in Berryz when they make her do that cute nasally thing with her voice. Here she just nails it and it’s awesome. (Does her jacket really say Suicide of Love?) Could the awesomeness be attributed to the fact that Tsunku had nothing to do with this track? Perish the thought.

Congratulations to Kaorin on the birth of her son!

Lastly for those of you currently going through the jaded phase of your H!P fandom, stick with it. This happens to everyone, especially after their favorite idols split their favorite group, are rocked by scandal, or idol fandom just suddenly seems ridiculous in the first place. You liked these girls at the first for something, for me it was the music, and after my own jaded period, (I would say late 2005 – late 2006) it was the music that drew me back in. Something will spark again and you’ll be pulled right back. Be patient. I won’t lie and say your fervor will be back to what it was in the beginning, but you’ll reach another level of fandom all together. One where the sun may not rise and set with your favorite idol, but the day will be brighter because of them.


8 Responses to “Across the Board”

  1. Saria Says:

    <3ed this post. You captured my exact thoughts on recent feelings being a H!P fan in the last paragraph.

    Renai Rider not bad huh? Been reading about it here and there. Will check it out.

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  3. Radicalpatriot Says:

    Been waiting for a time now to become “jaded,” but it seems something new is always coming down the pike. I’m with you on “Renai Rider;” less enthusiastic about “La-La-La.”

  4. Henkka Says:

    Very much liked the last paragraph. Actually I’m not sure if I’ve went through my being jaded phase yet, but I think I’m currently in a mild version of it at least. Have kind of lost some interest in the last few weeks or months. But then again, I’ve basically been listening to H!P stuff non-stop for a year now, maybe a break wouldn’t be too bad, right? And while I would like to think right now that I’ll always enjoy H!P and will always get back into it somehow like you said, I’m not as sure… I’ve thought that way of several bands which I thought I’d consider my no. 1 forever, yet nearly all of them now stay forgotten in my mind. But that’s just me though, my taste in music is constantly changing and it’s a miracle that I’ve been listening to them for so long already without getting bored too much.

    Still though, H!P is _H!P_ and I think they’ll remain a part of my playlist for a long time to come yet, even if my interest fades a little.

    But like I said, I really liked and to agreed to a certain extent with the last paragraph and as you can see, it made me think a little too. :)

  5. doinkies Says:

    There have been times where I’ve felt jaded, particularly after graduations/quittings or after reading the umpteenth-million “H!P’s gonna die!”, “All of H!P sux, give me the good old days back when there were no stoopid teenagers in it!!111”, “(such-and-such member) is a doink, I want (such-and-such member) back, Tsunku is a doink and all the wotas are doinks who burn pictures and smash CDs because I saw some people do it on 2ch” screeds on big English H!P boards, but in the end I always find some awesome news or great new song/DVD/PB that pulls me out of the jaded phase.

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