Bromide Scans

Recently I acquired 2 packs of the 2002 Bromide trading cards. These cards are huge! Approximately 3″x5″, and very nicely made. The printing is really clear and sharp.

Here are scans of the cards for you! The actual scans are more than twice the size of the image or Mari above.

Click here to download. Approx. 3 megs.


PS – I scrapped the review of the Bon Kyu! Bon Kyu! Bomb concert as I was actually severely underwhelmed by it. Most of the song selection and placement was really kind of lackluster. Plus why the hell did Biyuden get so much stage time?!


5 Responses to “Bromide Scans”

  1. International Wota » Blogs Eyecandy Hello! Project » [Blogs] hello!girl sharing some Bromide Momusu scans Says:

    […] Bromide Scans […]

  2. Kazuro Says:

    Well, Biyuden is disbanding after… was it June or July? I think it was June.
    I guess they just miss it x]

  3. Will Says:

    Please exchange link with me ! :)

  4. zendra Says:

    Don’t agree with you at all. I thought the girls were on top form – and Biyuden will be sadly missed

  5. Asha Sansouci Says:

    If you people have nothing to say about the post topic then don’t say anything at all. You guys are obviously just spamming. Please refrain from such indecent behavior .

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