Zwei? A little help please?

I’ve been listening to DJ Amaya’s Hitsuzen Radio podcasts this week at work, really great remixes of all kinds of songs, including jpop & anime, as well as original stuff.

One remix that really caught my attention was for Zwei’s single, Dragon. I’ve heard of the band before, but never heard them. Looking around online I found a wiki article, but it was woefully lacking in information. Their official site also seems to be static as it appears there’s been no updates since 2006.

Can anyone reccomend some songs to check out? Which album is best to start with (as they only have 2 currently) or even where to find some more information?


3 Responses to “Zwei? A little help please?”

  1. International Wota » Blogs Rock » [Blogs] hello!girl Asks For Moar Zwei Says:

    […] Zwei? A little help please? […]

  2. pengie Says: , to self-promote a little bit. (All the samples still work!)

    Also, Zwei’s current website, which is at , should probably be updating again–the group has a new single coming up here pretty soon.

    Just personally speaking, “Movie Star,” “D.N.A,” and “Dragon” are the best places to start. I would start with Z, as it’s the most diverse of their two albums, and then fall back on PRETTY QUEEN for the rock material if you like what you hear in Z. Both are really great, though.

    I hope this helps a little :)

  3. DJ Amaya Says:

    I recommend the songs “Movie Stars”, “Hikari”, “Denny”, and the whole “Pretty Queen” CD. Pretty much all their stuff is really great stuff, a great mix of Rock and some Electronic elements. They’re produced by the same guy who produces Duran Duran lately.

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