Canary Club – Nishikikazare

First thought: Those are some MIGHTY short shorts.

I’m not sure the name of this girl, is she Mana? But she has a really cute and well polished voice. Color me surprised to read on the official site that one of the girls (Ayumi) is 23! I don’t know why I find that kind of surprising but I do. There’s almost a 10 year age difference between herself and the younger members.

The song is really pleasant, from what I’ve heard I’d guess this is where Tsunku is focusing his old school “cute” style. Just before I watched this I was listening to Momusu’s 4th and 6th albums, and this song really reminds me of that period in Hello! Project song styling. I’m more than a little taken with the upbeat-ness of it all though, and as average as it sounds, it is incredibly charming and will probably get a lot of playback from me.

Revelation! I think that’s the thing that seems to be missing from Momusu as of late, at least for me. As rocking as they are, and as much as I still love them, all the original innocent school girl charm seems to be gone. Don’t get me wrong, as a pop group they need to change their image to stay fresh. Listening to Canary Club made me suddenly realize what was missing as of late from H!P’s flagship group. I don’t mean to keep looking for something that has obviously passed, maybe marking changes in style…. but what drew me to them in the first place seems to be over. If I can catch a little of that with someone else, then I’m going to go for it.

Anyway, the video isn’t much, and looks like it could have been shot in less than a day. It mostly consists of the girls dancing on a parking garage roof or a helipad. I wasn’t quite sure. Then again they’re not dealing with the kind of cash that H!P pulls down so I imagine the budget was severely limited. It doesn’t detract at all, but adds to the charm. (I’m using that word a lot, but it’s accurate and the thesaurus provided me with no other viable alternatives.)

Other than Gyaruru (who sadly appear kaput), this is really my first honest attempt to delve into TNX territory. After this single I’ll definitely be checking out Canary Club’s other releases and see what else Tsunku’s side projects have to offer.


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