Milky Way New Single!

Tan! Tan! Taan!

It can’t be just me that thinks their costumes look remarkably like Rainbow Brite in this PV can it?

This is such a cute little song! Which kind of surprised me because I was expecting something really strangely awesome along the lines of Anataboshi. All through the song I kept waiting for the beat to finally kick in and go nuts, it wasn’t until the PV was over before I realized it wasn’t going to.

But that’s not to say I don’t like it. It’s very charming, very upbeat. I like the music box melody feel it has to it. I never had a ballerina music box as a little girl (I was much more into GI Joe), but this is a song I could easily imagine lifting the box top to hear. Speaking of little girls, the amount of toy product in the PV is amusing. I understand the head mike, star belt and tambourines fit the characters, but…. maybe it’s my cynical adult-side showing….. At least the tambourines are put to good use in the incredibly cute dance moves the three employ here.

Kikkawa Yuu shines in this song. I hope she shows up in a proper unit soon, as she easily beats both Koharu and Sayaka in the vocal department. Well, on Koharu’s behalf, she’s forced to remain in character and keep the insanely cute high pitch thing going on, so it’s not as if she’s singing with her real voice. Sayaka is good as well, it’s just that I’m surprised at how well Yuu does with this song.

The more I listen to this song the more I fall in love with it. It’s so cheerful! On perhaps a related but odd note, I tend to associate music with seasons. Usually it’ll be what time of year it was then I obsessively listened to it. This song however, strikes me as an end of winter/start of spring song. Like a snow melt song rather than a leaf changing, misty morning type of song. Whatever the case, this is definitely one single I’ll be adding to my collection.


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