Hangry & Angry New Unit!

This is really kind of shocking! But OH SO AWESOME!

H!P has paired up with the clothing brand Hangry & Angry and created a brand new unit! What’s even MORE awesome is that that unit is comprised of Yossie and Rika! *dies*

Even if this wasn’t H!P related, I can without a doubt say that I would be rocking out to it. It reminds me a lot of Nanase Aikawa attitude-wise. The heavy guitar sound is just… I love it! What an awesome song! I am *dying* for the PV!

The full debut single can be heard at Hello!Online There is a myspace page for the group here.

PLEASE don’t let this be a 1 single unit a la Gyaruru. H&A is now my favorite H!P unit. This is SO a single I am going to pre-order. (I’ve already listened to the song 5 times, LOL!)

Oh, and let me point out right away that this is NOT gothic-lolita style. Goth-loli is a style unto itself, a fashion that tries very hard to emulate the look of a victorian porcelain doll. It has become a blanket term by english speaking fans to mean everything under the sun, but it’s not. (This probably has something to do with the magazine, the Gothic-Lolita bible, which started out covering both the Goth style and the lolita style, but the two have pretty much merged at this point). The style they are employing here is Punk lolita, or even just punk.


One Response to “Hangry & Angry New Unit!”

  1. Missta*Kain Says:

    haha i used to wear hangry+angry and other h.naoto items (still do o.O)
    but damn this duo is really intense~

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