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Momusu in the U.S. in July? I AM SO THERE!

February 13, 2009

You better freaking BELIEVE IT!

I am so goddamned excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can read the press release on Hello!Online for more info.

Registration is yet to open for Anime Expo.

This is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thoughts on the end of an era

February 2, 2009

As everyone knows, Elder Club graduated from Hello!Project yesterday. I’m really sad to see so many of the founding members go with no real idea of where they are going or what they will be doing now. At the same time, from a business standpoint, I can understand why. A lot of the members of the EC weren’t doing much of anything, and to keep them on the payroll just because is bad business. Now they can be filtered through UFA and maybe have their talents put to better use.

At the same time I don’t think the members of EC were given a fair chance. After their graduation from Morning Musume it seems the H!P just didn’t know what to do with them and they were kept on as recognizable faces to keep the older fans around and hopefully get them interested in the new gens/groups. H!P assumed that the solo efforts of the girls were not going to generate the same kind of income they made while in MM, so no effort was made to even try. It’s a shame to me, but really, what do I know of the intricacies of the Japanese idol business world?

Love Machine, both Morning Musume and Hello!Project’s biggest single to date was retired at this concert as well. Honestly I breathe a little sigh of relief. It’s a great song, but I’m tired of getting beat over the head with it. Especially since 2007’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen, when MM performed it AGAIN, despite a new single having been just released and none of the members having been present in MM at the time LM was released. Let the new gens stand on their own merits.

The biggest news of the night accorrding the the Japanese news shows I’ve seen, was the return of Tsuji Nozomi to the stage. I am SO excited about her return and the start of her blog. She looked fantastic! I think it’s somewhat amusing that the younger fans are actually surprised by the fact that Tsuji is her same old loveable self, as if motherhood and marriage, while huge events in a person’s life, are inhibiting to personality.

I can’t wait to buy this concert on DVD. I know I will be crying right along with the girls on stage, especially when Hitomi starts crying. It’s inevitable.

I bid a fond farewell to the members of the Elder Club, wish them ALL the best of luck in their new indentures and hope that the spotlight only shines brighter from here on out.