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2009 ranking

April 3, 2009

I’m in the process of moving, today, so I can’t really go into depth about why I chose who for what spot, but here’s my list anyhow. I’m a little amazed at the outcome of this myself. Seeing the poll the first person I thought of for my number one slot was Tsuji-chan, then Mari, then Hitomi. Who would have thought? In reality Mari and Yossi should be tied for second, but Tsuji gets #1 because her blog has totally made me love her. I was a fan before, but she’s rocketed to my number 1 slot. The first five were very easy to do, the next 3 pretty easy, but it was hard to pick my final 2. But this is just how I feel today. I wonder how this would change in a month or so?