The why of 2009 rankings

I didn’t have time to go into detail on rankings when I put up the original post, but now as I have some free time to myself that doesn’t involve cleaning/sorting/trashing/unpacking, I thought I’d go back and explain. Let’s get started.

A comment from Rad in my earlier post got me thinking a bit about why I chose who and for what reasons, also noting that I hadn’t chosen any junior members. The truth is I’m just not into them. I really like Berryz and C-ute, listen to the Eggs units that come and go, but it’s Momusu and it’s OG that make me a fan of Hello!Project. They’re the ones I have to own every album of. They’re the ones I own trading cards and photobooks of. They’re the ones I’m paying almost $2K to fly out to L.A., all the way across country and I hate flying, to see. If it was C-ute or Berryz it wouldn’t be the same draw for me. Maybe it’s the age difference, maybe it’s because Momusu has (or had) something they don’t? Who can say? It’s just the way I feel.

1. Tsuji Nozomi
Tsuji-chan! Ah, I miss the duo of W so damn much! I’ve always really liked Tsuji and was kind of sad when she left showbiz for maternity leave, thinking that was that and she’d taken her final walk in the spotlight. Color me ecstatic that she hasn’t! Writing magazine articles, appearing on talk & variety shows, starting a kid’s line of clothing… Nono is a very busy young woman! Reading her daily blog (translated here) has really brought her across and not just her idol image. I love reading about her work, cooking and taking care of her daughter. My only hope is that she’ll grace us with some music in the near future. (Though I’m not holding my breath. Chances are she’ll become a variety show idol).

2. Yaguchi Mari
Yagu-chan! Arara. Now if I had filled this out today Hitomi and Mari would be switched out. See what I said about my daily mind? Anyway who can’t love Mari? She’s so cute and little! Apparently we read some of the same manga too. (Skip Beat FTW!) I was disappointed that she’d seemingly retired from singing when she had such a great voice, but she’s come back this year with a brand new rockin’ single! I can’t wait to hear more from her! She was a driving force behind what was awesome about Momusu and Hello!Project in general. Mari was always funny on talk shows and has a great spirit. She’ll always rank up there for me!

3. Yoshizawa Hitomi
Yossie! Yossie! Yossie! You really are an inspiration to me! So strong, both physically and in character. I want to be a strong person like you. I can’t put into words how much I love Yossie. She’s been my favorite for so long, I look up to her so much. She really is my idol. ♥♥♥

4. Konno Asami
Konkon I will always love because she’s such a girl. She’s got a great girl next door personality and appears to be someone that you could easily become friends with. Someone you’d love to close up the restaurant with when you went out to eat. I was so moved by how moved she was at her graduation. She’s an underdog, knows it, but still tried so hard and managed to become a success. I love that determination.

5. Tanaka Reina
Reina is Reina. I don’t think there is anyone else in all of H!P with a personality like hers. She’s all attitude, but not at all obnoxious. Reina is the kind of cute, strong girl I want to be.

6. Kusumi Koharu
There’s no way I’m going to be an apologist for liking Koha-chan. I will admit that at times she can go over the top, her personality is very in your face and I understand how that can irritate some people. But she brings everything she’s got to the table every time. I can’t help but admire her for that. She’s not afraid to be goofy for the sake of entertainment and I think that’s lacking in some of the others. Go, go Koharu-chan!

7. Mitsui Aika
Aika strikes me as someone who will call it as she sees it with no qualms. I can relate to that and like it when other people are straight shooters. I was so jazzed when she made it into Momusu and she’s really proven she was a terrific choice. Aika shines. She’s one of the only members that looks like she’s genuinely smiling in her official photo releases, and I mean smiling with her eyes as well as her mouth.

8. Linlin
The more I see of the Pandas the more I like Linlin. Linlin has settled very well into the role of being an idol. She’s visibly comfortable and at ease and that makes her a delight to watch. When she’s doing something she’s doing it as herself and doesn’t come across as an “image” at all. I really like that.

9. Ogawa Makoto
Makoto! I love Mako-chan. She’s so funny and always smiling! She isn’t really doing much these days, hopefully that’ll change soon because I’d love to see her on variety shows and such. She has a great sense of humor.

.10. Michishige Sayumi
Sayu, Sayu, Sayu. How do you keep creeping into my top 10? Somehow I can’t deny her. I like her. I couldn’t tell you why – I just do.

And there you have it. My Top 10 and the reasons for…. or lack there of. Sometimes you just like people and can’t really explain why. It actually took me quite a while to do this post, several weeks or revisiting… as I sat here and blankly stared at the screen and tried to figure out just what the draw was. In some cases it was immediate, and in others, a light bulb came on, and in others…… I’m still clueless. But I’m sure everyone feels that way!


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