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Anime Expo – maybe not…..

June 13, 2009

I just saw AX had the schedule posted for the con.

The Morning Musume concert is an hour and fifteen minutes long.

That’s it.

I’m not real jazzed at the idea of traveling 12 hours out and 11 hours back (including driving to Boston time) for an hour and fifteen minutes. For the amount of $$ this is costing me to go – it’s half the money I’d need to go to Japan and see them for at least double – maybe triple the time – and I’d be in Japan. Maybe less $$ if I wait and go via Korea and grab Steph from there. (An Asian adventure!)

Mother fucker – I am really bummed about this.

I’m going to sleep on it – but Thank God I got the insurance for the airline tickets in case I decided to cancel.