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Shocking news in the morning!

September 19, 2009

I jumped online this morning after taking care of the animals – just to browse around while I decided what I wanted for breakfast, when I decided to check the Japanese entertainment news over on Tokyograph. It seems on December 6, Koharu is going to graduate from Morning Musume! And not only that, but is leaving Up Front Agency all together!

What a complete and utter shock!

This is going to be a pretty big loss to Momusu as Koharu has been one of “the faces” for a long, long time now. She has a huge fanbase of young girls from the Kirarin Revolution anime which might follow her when she leaves. It seems Tsunku offered to graduate her from the group and make her a solo singer, which she already was as Kirari, but she decided she wants to leave and pursue her career in modeling – which I’m sure she’ll do well in, she is a very pretty girl.

With the departure of the “Miracle Ace” I’m sure we’ll be seeing auditions on the near future.

I don’t blame Koharu at all for wanting to leave now as her popularity is pretty damn high. She can coast that wave into new and more exciting opportunities for herself. I’m also not at all shocked she turned down the offer of becoming a solo artist, given the track record H!P has with it’s previous solo artists. *coughMakicough* It’s almost a guaranteed has-been route for graduated Musume.

All in all I’ll be sad to see her go. Even if her singing wasn’t fantastic she really did give her all in everything she did.

Good luck in all your future endeavors Koharu-chan!