Goodbye Miracle

I watched Koharu’s graduation concert tonight, I was a little concerned about the energy of it from just watching a few clips, as I don’t think the current line up has the genki energy of previous generations, but that’s also a shift in the tone of the group. But anyhow the concert was really good and definitely something I will be buying when I get some cash again.

I held out fine until Sayu’s good-bye speech. It’s clear the two of them, despite not really getting along, did care for each other. When Sayu lost it I started crying, and then they had Reina after her…. it was sad! I’m going to miss Koharu. She sure was a force of her own. She had a strange personality, one I can’t quite pinpoint. While a member of the group she seemed to stand apart on her own, she gets described as self centered by a number of the girls, which is easy to see, but she’s so damn likable despite that. I hope she does well in whatever she endeavors from here on.

Here’s her first solo PV (and still my favorite) from her voice role as Tsukishima Kirari in Kirarin Revolution. (I love her solo CDs!)


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