10 My Me

I just purchased Morning Musume’s 10th and latest album 10 My Me on iTunes while I await the release of the American version in April. Buying it on iTunes and then purchasing the US release is still cheaper than importing the Japanese version, and the US release comes with everything the Japanese release has – even the trading card.

1. Moonlight Night ~ Tsukiyo no Ban da yo ~ Love this. Was thrown off a little bit by the sudden English spoken in the beginning of the song but it was a great marching anthem in the vein of The Manpower or Osaka Koi no Uta

2. Kimagure Princess Single Seriously, this song is about sexy butts. Tsunku thought it up while watching his kid run around naked. That is a true story. Well, the song is about a lonely girl who gets all dressed up and has no one to show off for, but the chorus is seriously about the girl’s nice butt, or her breasts. Don’t believe me? Here’s the translation

3. Genki Pika Pika! Standard upbeat GENKI song. It’s in the title. Doesn’t stand out for me. It’s a typical Momusu song.

4. Namidacchi Started out kind of slow, and I almost thought about skipping it over until later, but it got a beat to it. It still feels a bit like filler. Nothing awesome. I guarantee on future listens I will skip this song over to get to songs I like better.

5. Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai Single This was a pretty cool single. I really like the sound of it, even if it is a song about putting on make-up. Girl’s prerogative stuff. Plus I loved the outfits from the video, even if they do look like blood from far away. (It’s stenciled roses).

6. Ookii Hitomi Oh.My.God. They auto-tuned Sayu. Ouch. I’ve heard a lot about how awesome this song is, and I would totally agree – if they hadn’t used auto-tune. It makes me violent. I hate that shit. Otherwise, it has an awesome beat. But still auto-tune.

7. Ano Hi ni Modoritai A slower song, but not something I’d skip over. It has a nice kind of R&B beat.

8. Nanchatte Renai Single This was a solid single release as well. The rap part is a little weird when you first hear it, but it goes well with the song. Ah Koharu-chan, we will miss you!

9. Osaka Oshiinen Is this How do you like this Japan? Because that’s what it sounded like in the beginning. I can’t believe 8th gen got stuck with this song. It’s probably good in concert, but it so doesn’t fit the rest of the album at all.

10. Loving you forever Boooooooooooooring. Seriously. God, am I listening to Mano? The harmonies are nice, but this song will be another skipped song. But wait…. holy crap! Was that Linlin getting a couple solo lines? *falls down in shock* She needs to be put out front because she can sing. She blows everyone else in the group out of the water. Linlin is awesome.

11. Shouganai Yume Oibito Single Good song, one of the first in the new serious Momusu image. It’s got a real nice strength to it, everyone sounds fantastic. This is one I’ll definitely be blasting and singing along to as I drive down the road.

12. Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou? (Chinese Ver.) This is a gorgeous ballad song that was originally released in Japanese on their last album. The original has a Chinese verse, but this is the all Chinese version, as the title says. And Wow! It sounds like Linlin and Junjun take main melody! That’s awesome! If not… singing the whole damn song by themselves! I’m even more shocked!

So all in all a pretty good album. It has it’s share of songs I’ll skip, but then most of their albums have two or three at least. Can’t win them all. I like this line up, but I still miss the OGs. I miss those super genki energetic days of old.


One Response to “10 My Me”

  1. ZENDRA Says:

    My goodness. Not understanding Japanese I didn’t realise the provocative lyrics to Sexy Princess. I wonder how many other songs I have been listening to over the past 3 years have similar lyrics. Not that I am particularly against it.
    Yes a good album overall with lovely photos on the jacket cover (standard edition) especially Sayumi.Pity it doesn’t seem to have sold all that well. Perhaps the recession is biting hard in Japan.

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