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Morning Musume – Seishun Collection

April 27, 2010

The Hello!Online tracker has a radio rip of Morning Musume’s next single (their 43rd) Seishun Collection.

The first thing that struck me is… harmonies! For the first time in a long time it sounds like several of the girls singing together, not just in the chorus. It’s a very upbeat song, and it reminds me a lot of album tracks from 4th Ikimasshoi and No. 5, which I just happened to be listening to today as I drove to piano lessons, so I also like the piano bits.

This will be a fantastic song in concert. It’s got a great melody and a very nostalgic “golden era” Momusu feel. I really like it! This will definitely be one of my “pick me up” Momusu songs. Honestly I’ve listened to it 3 times since I got home – about 20 minutes ago, and even though I was in a good mood already it has really brightened my day. (It’s grey and overcast here and supposed to rain).

Translation to the lyrics here via the Hello!Online forums and provided by S-N-I-P-E-R.

I can’t wait for the PV!


OG’s I want to come back!

April 5, 2010

Well , not me specifically. This poll was taken by goo, and the information for the link came via Hello!Online, but I thought I’d re-post here with a few thoughts on the results.

1. Abe Natsumi
2. Iida Kaori
3. Goto Maki
4. Yoshizawa Hitomi
5. Ishikawa Rika
6. Nakazawa Yuuko
7. Tsuji Nozomi
8. Fujimoto Miki
9. Fukuda Asuka
10. Kago Ai

For one, I’m surprised and delighted that Aibon made the list, and for the most part, I am in full agreement on those who made it on here, though I would probably shuffle some members around, and I would strike Maki off the list because I think she has a better thing going for her at Avex.

I am surprised though, that neither Kei-chan, Mako-chan or Konkon made the list! I thought for sure at least Asami would be there. She seemed so popular! And no Koharu! Wow! Of course, I don’t know when this poll was taken, it could have been while she was still a member, but I am really surprised she didn’t make the cut. Of course, all these members were present during the so called “golden era” of Momusu, and truth be told, they belong to my favorite gens as well.

I’m not sure I’d have any of these ladies come back to Momusu though, they’ve done their stint and have moved on. I do wish however, that some of them had more exposure now, and were still as active now as they were in their Momusu days.