Morning Musume 9th Gen Finalists

Bijou Gaku aired in Japan today with a look at the 5 finalists in the Morning Musume 9th Generation auditions. I miss Momusu having a show over which we could have followed the progress of the auditions, but a peek into the process is still nice.

Over 9,000 girls applied, more than 8th gen! Of course, way down from Momusu’s heyday when like, 20,000+ girls would apply, but still pretty good! Here they are:

Ikuta Erina – The most mature looking of the 5. Pretty girl. Can dance well.

Suzuki Kanon – She was all smiles walking up to the camera. HAMMING it UP in the recording booth though, LOL! I guess she heard you can hear the smile and took it to heart.

Sayashi Riho – What a pretty girl! Holy shit! She can dance! AND SING! Definitely has the most talent out of the group.

Mogi Minami – Cute girl, she needs more confidence. Definitely the youngest emotionally. Cries a LOT. Of course, she’s only 11. She did a pretty good job of learning the dance though.

Otsuka Aina – Cute girl, cute voice. They didn’t show her much.

Part One and Part Two

Winners will be announced January 2, at the Hello! Project Winter Live Concert.

I hope Tsunku pics more than one girl, and I definitely hope Riho will be one of the ones he chooses. He tends to pick the underdog though so he can “polish” them into an image. Riho already has a lot of presence. Come to find out checking wiki, she’s already a known talent. Hmmm, I wonder if that will hinder or help her. And if not, if AKB48 will snap her up as they did with past finalists who didn’t win.


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