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September 11, 2011

Nothing on the Hello!Online front page, TokyoHive instead bearing the news that Kago-chan had attempted suicide again and was found in her apartment this morning by her agency. Bearing no more news that that I went into the H!O forums trying to find any new information, only to be barraged by asinine comments about how selfish Kago is because she didn’t consider the feelings of HER FANS when attempting to end her life.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

I hope she really gets some goddamn help. The poor girl is just crying out for it and so far no one seems to be giving it to her. Her mother seemingly only sees her as a means to take care of the rest of the family while she doesn’t work, her father left her, her step-father gambled away ALL the money she made in Momusu, she’s had a string of terrible boyfriends who it is obvious she is trying to resolve her Daddy issues with seeing as they are all old enough to be her father, H!P won’t even mention her name, removed all mention of her existence with the company and on the off chance she does show up she’s referred to as “that girl” as if she was the goddamn Voldemort of the idol world.

It doesn’t help that people keep bringing up the mistakes she made in the past (the smoking scandal being the prominent one). How the hell is she supposed to attempt to move on when judgmental assholes won’t let her try and put it behind her?

Kago-chan I hope you get better and I hope you get the help you need.


Morning Musume 10th Gen News

September 9, 2011

The finalists have been chosen, 10 girls. There seems to be an influx of girls who have taken dance lessons for years, probably has a lot to do with the addition of Riho in 9th Gen, because that girl can DANCE. Lots of young girls this time around too. I guess they might be hoping if they don’t make it into Momusu, they might be picked up as an H!P Egg as Minami and Aina were last round.

These were the finalists:
Kudo Haruka (11)
Ikobo Haruna (16)
Sato Masaki (12)
Tashima Meru (11)
Oogami Hinako (13)
Miyagi Ayumi (11)
Miwa Satsuki (12)
Ishida Ayumi (14)
Tanaka Fuuka (12)
Murakami Sara (13)

Of the finalists I like Haruka and Sara the most. Haruka is already a Hello!Pro Egg, so she has that going for her. I like Haruna too, but need to see more of her. The winners will be announced Sept. 29th at Morning Musume’s concert, the day before Ai-chan’s graduation! I hope we see more of the audition process in next week’s Hello!Pro Time.