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Single tracking

January 6, 2012

Every time a new Momusu single comes out there are a bunch of people on the H!O forums and elsewhere who lament that the sales of this particular single are surely forecasting the doom of Morning Musume. Sick and tired of this kind of negative opining, I took it upon myself to make a chart of their singles released, the total sales, highest weekly sales rank on the Oricon charts and finally the difference in sales from one single to the other. You know what I discovered? The vast majority of singles show a decline in sales from one to the other, and yet, they’re still selling after fourteen years!

Out of 47 released singles, only 16 have a rise in sales from one to the other. That’s a little over 34%. But half of those are a rise in sales in singles released in the last five years alone. No, there’s nothing short of a miracle that are going to get them the numbers they pulled in almost twelve years ago when Love Machine sold over 1.6 million units, and no, they’re not going to beat AKB’s current staggering popularity, but they’ve been around for fourteen years and are still popular enough to regularly place in the top 5 of the charts, and only 3 times have they placed lower than that and it was at 6th.

All I’m saying, I guess, is have a little faith! Enjoy the music, the pop and the good feelings! That’s what they’re there for!