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Fairies – Beat Generation

August 11, 2012

God, you have no idea how badly I want to correct that to Faeries, but that isn’t important.

Fairies debuted in 2011 under the Avex label, consisting of 7 members. I remember briefly reading about their formation and being interested in an Avex idol group, but didn’t really follow up on it until I recently heard their third single Beat Generation. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to it. I’m listening to it right now in fact. It’s such an awesome pop song! Great beat, great harmonies, a great hook. I love idol groups because most of the time they’re harmonizing and it just comes across as so more powerful vocally than listening to a solo singer.

The PV is simple but fun to watch, with lots of wardrobe changes and a few interesting camera shots. I’ll be on the lookout for a dance version so I can get a better look at the cool choreography – there a more than a few talented dancers in Fairies and the song is definitely danceable. Looking around I see there were auditions several months ago looking for a new member, but it doesn’t seem like anything has come of that yet. As for the group as it stands, I think Rikako, Sora and Momoko stand out the most to me, though honestly, all the girls stand out. I actually hope they don’t add new members as I want to see more from these girls and that they’ll all have a chance to shine.

Unfortunately their output doesn’t seem to be available on U.S. iTunes (hopefully) yet. I wish more companies would realize they have followings outside Asia who would gladly pay for their product if it was made available to them. As it is I’ll be waiting for them to put out an album so I can buy all their singles in one fell swoop. In the meantime I’ll be checking out their other PVs and learning more about the group!