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Congratulations to Oda Sakura, the ONLY winner of Momusu’s 11th Gen Auditions!

September 14, 2012

Well! This news came as a TOTAL shock this morning as they JUST released the names of the finalists YESTERDAY!

Out of the 6 finalists announced, Oda Sakura, an H!P EGG, was revealed today to be the sole winner of the Morning Musume 11th Generation auditions. A rising star in H!P it seems, she had only joined the EGGs less than a year ago in November 2011. She’s already a strong vocal and dance talent so I’m sure she’ll go far in Momusu! I can’t wait to see and hear her with the other girls.

A video of her audition footage and acceptance announcement was uploaded on youtube, you can check it out here:


13 Colorful Character now available on iTunes!

September 12, 2012

Morning Musume’s 13th album, 13 Colorful Character, is now available on iTunes for the low, low price of $12.99!

Support Momusu and buy their music!

Find it here!

New Official Blogs!

September 10, 2012

H!P has finally opened blogs for the ninth and tenth gens of Momusu! This is fantastic news! It gives the public an even better glimpse into the daily lives of our favorite idols and will only serve to make us feel more connected with them and to get to know their personalities better.

As of this post, the blogs contain only greetings from each individual member, along with a cell phone photo. It’s not certain how often they’ll update, or if there’ll be a rotating schedule of who posts when, or if it will be first come, first posted. I’m sure management will be keeping a close eye on what goes through, especially with the younger members. Not that I suspect they’d post anything inappropriate, but we don’t want a repeat of the Uncle Hitler incident. (Seriously, where was management on THAT?!)

9kies Official Blog
10kies Official Blog

Momusu 2013 calendar cover revealed!

September 4, 2012

So the covers to the 2013 H!P calendars have been revealed! This year we’re getting Momusu, Berryz, C-ute, S/mileage and Mano, as to be expected. You can check out the other covers here.

Every year for the past several  years I have gotten the Momusu calendar, and I have never been disappointed, but I think I might be this year. It’s that ugly pixel art! It looks like someone drew all over a nice group shot of the girls in Microsoft Paint. I’m going to assume that it’s meant to resemble purikura, and that I have no problem with, but it looks sloppy. I guess I’ll have to wait to see what the interior photos look like, but I’m really kind of disappointed with the cover, especially when the past couple years have been really classy looking.

As for the other covers, I think Berryz looks nice, although a couple of them are wearing WAY too much blush (what is that trend lately to be wearing so much blush you look like you’re running a fever?) and Risako’s uneven lavender dye job is distracting. I actually think Momoko looks the best and not like she’s trying too hard.

C-ute’s cover is nice, though a bit generic. I’m interested in seeing the interior shots.

S/mileage’s cover I love! It’s very classy and just well shot. There’s something about it I can’t quite put my finger on, I love that yellow contrasting background against their uniforms, it just really pops at you.

Mano’s is nice, I guess. I’m not really a big fan of head shots like that and I definitely wouldn’t want one 24×36 on my wall.

So there you have it! I would have loved a Dream Momusu calendar at some point, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be and that’s a shame. As for these, I can’t wait to see some of the interior pages, it looks like another interesting year for H!P calendars!

Momusu 51st single and more!

July 30, 2012

Recently Momusu have announced that they are in production for their 51st single. There has yet to be a release date, title, or theme announced, but expectations are high after the stellar sales of their 50th single. I expect this single to do slightly better than their previous sales of the past few years, but doubt they can keep the momentum of One・Two・Three as those sales were probably due to it being the 50th single and people buying several editions for collection’s sake.

In other news, Iikubo Haruna’s official image color has been changed from Chocolate Brown to Honey in an official announcement released this afternoon Japan Time. Speculation is this was to make it easier for people to find glow sticks to represent her at concerts. I tried doing a search myself but they don’t seem to exist. It’s a shame since I think the color suited her well. Whatever the case, I look forward to seeing her in her new color come the next single release!

Another Momusu dream

March 20, 2012

I had a dream last night I was back in high school except members of Morning Musume were my classmates; namely Sayumi, Aika, Reina and Ai-chan. There may have been a few others, but those are the girls I remember specifically. We were sitting at a big table collaborating on some big project, but really just kind of goofing around instead.

Single tracking

January 6, 2012

Every time a new Momusu single comes out there are a bunch of people on the H!O forums and elsewhere who lament that the sales of this particular single are surely forecasting the doom of Morning Musume. Sick and tired of this kind of negative opining, I took it upon myself to make a chart of their singles released, the total sales, highest weekly sales rank on the Oricon charts and finally the difference in sales from one single to the other. You know what I discovered? The vast majority of singles show a decline in sales from one to the other, and yet, they’re still selling after fourteen years!

Out of 47 released singles, only 16 have a rise in sales from one to the other. That’s a little over 34%. But half of those are a rise in sales in singles released in the last five years alone. No, there’s nothing short of a miracle that are going to get them the numbers they pulled in almost twelve years ago when Love Machine sold over 1.6 million units, and no, they’re not going to beat AKB’s current staggering popularity, but they’ve been around for fourteen years and are still popular enough to regularly place in the top 5 of the charts, and only 3 times have they placed lower than that and it was at 6th.

All I’m saying, I guess, is have a little faith! Enjoy the music, the pop and the good feelings! That’s what they’re there for!


December 24, 2011

Found this on Sayu’s blog. This is a picture from their Christmas dinner show rehearsals. Reina and Sayumi are my two top favorite in Momusu at the moment, followed by Aika and Haruna. I have no reason to share this other than it made me smile, so here it is!

Morning Musume

November 6, 2011

The new group photo has been released, I added the names to challenge myself and make sure I could identify everyone. There are 8 new girls in the group this past year alone!

My current favorites are: Reina, Sayumi, and Haruna. I like Kanon a lot too. She’s very upbeat. I still love Aika too, poor girl has been out with a stress fracture injury on her ankle for half the year. I hope she can come back soon.

I can’t wait for their next single, I want to see 10th Gen in action!

HA! All my Momusu icons are severely out of date.

Morning Musume 10th Gen News

September 9, 2011

The finalists have been chosen, 10 girls. There seems to be an influx of girls who have taken dance lessons for years, probably has a lot to do with the addition of Riho in 9th Gen, because that girl can DANCE. Lots of young girls this time around too. I guess they might be hoping if they don’t make it into Momusu, they might be picked up as an H!P Egg as Minami and Aina were last round.

These were the finalists:
Kudo Haruka (11)
Ikobo Haruna (16)
Sato Masaki (12)
Tashima Meru (11)
Oogami Hinako (13)
Miyagi Ayumi (11)
Miwa Satsuki (12)
Ishida Ayumi (14)
Tanaka Fuuka (12)
Murakami Sara (13)

Of the finalists I like Haruka and Sara the most. Haruka is already a Hello!Pro Egg, so she has that going for her. I like Haruna too, but need to see more of her. The winners will be announced Sept. 29th at Morning Musume’s concert, the day before Ai-chan’s graduation! I hope we see more of the audition process in next week’s Hello!Pro Time.